Energy Management

Weston Facilities Services proven specialists are trained to:

  • help reduce energy consumption

  • minimise carbon footprint

  • implement measures that typically pay for themselves in less than three years

Weston Facilities Services helps our clients meet their energy management goals easily with turnkey solutions.

We can manage the entire process:

  • Initial feasibility analysis
  • Detailed engineering calculations and design
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Identification any available grant aided investment
  • Processing of utility bills
  • Structuring financing terms to generate positive cash flow

Weston Facilities Services does not approach energy management as either a theoretical concept or just another installation project and then turns over the operations to others. We view the energy management solution as a long-term commitment. After implementation, we monitor and maintain these complex systems at optimal performance to insure our clients receive the maximum benefit from any investment.

The Process

  • Energy Analysis and Consulting

    • Weston Facilities Services professionals review current billing and consumption data, attend the facilities and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Energy Engineering

    • Once we identify energy opportunities, we detail designs and engineering calculations to validate each energy management and conservation measure.

  • Measurement and Verification

    • Upon project completion, we will verify project savings by measuring actual energy consumption against established baseline consumption.

  • Grant Aided Investment

    • Our energy management team tracks and handles the entire application process for all incentives.

  • Flexible Financing and Contracting

    • Weston Facilities Services can provide flexible finance options to cover the initial project investment to meet agreed payback and cash flow objectives.