Service Level Agreements

Given our depth of experience across a range of industries and service lines, Weston Management Services work closely with our clients to determine the Service Level Agreements (SLA) which is the part of a contract which defines exactly what services a service provider will provide and the required level or standard for those services.

What should be included in an SLA?

  • A properly drafted and well thought out SLA should have the following elements:
  • It will state the business objectives to be achieved in the provision of the services.
  • It will describe in detail the service deliverables.
  • It will define the performance standards the customer expects in the provision of the services by the service provider.
  • It will provide an ongoing reporting mechanism for measuring the expected performance standards.
  • It will provide a remedial mechanism where performance standards are not achieved, whilst incentivising the service provider to maintain a high level of performance.
  • It will provide a mechanism for review and change to the service levels over the course of the contract.
  • Ultimately it will give the customer the right to terminate the contract where performance standards fall consistently below an acceptable level.