Confidential Client – Education Sector

This client has a multi-site property portfolio, part in a campus environment and the rest in other locations.

The client had a legacy systems of technical services being provided by multiple companies for electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning and refrigeration, with legacy contractual documentation which did not detail the scope of services to be provided per site or required service levels. This lead to a frustrating situation for the client with regular requests for additional payments and subsequent time consuming meetings and communications to reach agreement.

Weston Management Services presented our client with a proposed Facilities Services Scope of Works that would not only meet our client’s goals and requirements, but which would also be received in the market as an attractive opportunity resulting in competitive tendering process.

On finalisation of the scope of works, Weston Management Services developed the appropriate Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators to govern the delivery of the services. The contractual documentation was prepared and dispatched to the shortlist of service providers agreed with the client. The procurement process was very efficient, due to the very clear scope of works that Weston Management Services developed for the client and a successful vendor was selected to provide the services.